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 As a physician takes time to examine a patient before prescribing medicine,so a witness needs to find out the spiritual condition of his or her prospect.

Ask ten people what spirituality means and you are likely to get ten unique answers.To one well-known Internet Marketer,spirituality means having a great toolbox of tools to help out with the inevitable situations life offers us.

You can or must work hard to be a millionaire,but to become a billionaire,you need An HOLY PROPHET.
Attend the
Prophet day.
DATE: Every Monday of the Week & Sunday: 7.00AM -12.00MID-DAY
.7,Resurrection Avenue,Off Navy Gate,After Pepsi Cola Near The Young Shall Grow Motors,Satellite Town,Lagos.For Enquiries,Chat now:                                                                                                                        07086167779 Or Speak with the Prophet himself on: 01-4812554
Every King Needs A Prophet!!! Because Everybody is a SUSPECT.

Are You From Polygamy Family?
This is the kind of spiritual church,you needs to be attending,because polygamy-family house is a place of war,i myself is a product of it.

In these churches,we deal with Africa major viruses caused by the evil ones.
If you are still standing,stand up and collect your rights.I am just enlightening you to wake up in time and fight back those your enemies.
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